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For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a news report to your school newspaper on a volunteer activity organized by yous Student Union to help elderly people in the neighborhood. 

You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


On June 14, Friday, a volunteer activity where many students took an active part in visiting the local Nursing House was organized by the Student Union and it turns out to be a big success.

The activity was aimed at encouraging students to visit the elderly at the Nursing House and help elderly people deal with their troubles both physical and psychological. Many students volunteered to participate in this good deed and were engaged in helping the elderly here out by making their meals, washing their clothes and chatting with them. When asked about those volunteers’ feelings about such an experience, all of them responded with a smile, saying “what a wonderful practice and I really appreciate this experience, for it makes me learn to care more for others in need.”

All in all, the activity turns out to be a success not only for the visited elderly but for those students involved.


聽力 試卷一(滬江網校)

Section A答案參考句)

1. A 9-year-old Central California boy braved strong currents and cold water to swim from San Francisco to Alcatraz Island and back.

James Savage set a record as the youngest swimmer to make the journey to the former prison.

The TV station reported that by completing the swim, the fourth-grader student from Los Banos broke a record previously held by a 10-year-old boy.

2. His father said he had offered his son $100 as a reward. To encourage his struggling son, he doubled it to $200.

3. The holiday bonus was designed to encourage young people to delay getting married in line with China’s one child policy. 

4. But one lawyer tells the paper that the changes still have to be adopted by local governments and these procedures take time, so people who are rushing to register for marriage can relax.

5. Now, however, a New Zealand-based startup company aims to bring messy homes – and even splitting headaches – back to normal. 

6. Everyone loves a good house party, but the cleaning up the next morning isn’t as enjoyable.

7. Besides being flooded with requests from across the country, Foley and Ashurst have also received requests from the US and Canada to provide services there. They are reportedly meeting with lawyers to see how best to take the business forward.

Section B(參考答案句)

8. driver's theory exam go?

9. I guess you underestimated how difficult it would be the first time, didn't you? ...Have you had any lessons yet?

10. Yes, thanks. I'm so happy to be actually on the road now. I've only had two driving lessons so far and my instructor is very understanding. So I'm really enjoying it and I can't wait for my next session although the lessons are rather expensive.

11. So this time I'll need to make a lot more effort and hopefully will be successful the first time.

12. do you know how much it is for international students to study there?

13. Anyway, I'm only going to be there for a year doing my masters, so it's pretty good. 

14. Also, I have a good chance of winning a scholarship at Leeds, which will be pretty awesome, the benefits of being a music genius. Yeah, I heard you're a talented piano player.

15. I'm still going to be a teacher. But the plan is to work at an international school overseas after I get a year or so of experience in England.

Section C(參考答案句)

16. A very small percentage of ants do harm to humans. But those are incredibly challenging to control.

17. Some, like carpenter ants can undermine a home structure, while others interfere with electrical units.

18. Most important of all, avoid giving ants any access to food, particularly sugary food because ants have a sweet tooth. We also need to clean up spills as soon as they occur and store food in airtight containers. Even garbage attracts ants, so empty your trash as often as possible, and store your outside garbage in a lidded can well away from doors and windows.

19. My research focus is on what happens to our immune system as we age.

20. They come to the university to provide us with blood samples, to be interviewed, and to help us carry out a whole range of research. 

21. The real impact of our research is going to be on health in old age. .... We want people to be healthy, even when they’re old.

22. He noticed a couple of days after school, that a group of kids would get together to play chess. 

23. And this week, dozens of those students are getting ready to head out to Nashville, Tennessee to compete with about 5000 other young people at the Super Nationals of Chess. 

24. The school has the highest number of kids from low income families. Police frequent the area day and night. 

25. Students are more likely to think about their actions and see whether they will lead to trouble.


選詞填空 試卷一(滬江網校)

26. G) habitats

27. M) stripped

28. A) create

29. L) stretches

30. C) eventually

31. F) exterior

32. J) investment

33. O) victim

34. I) intentionally

35. E) exploring

長篇閲讀 試卷一 新東方

36. D)

37. J)

38. L)

39. A)

40. E)

41. K)

42. I)

43. B)

44. G)

45. C)

仔細閲讀 試卷一(新東方)


46. C cover the walls of an ole house with graffiti

47. D they are mostly passers-by

48. B they expressed their thoughts in graffiti on the theme of each session

49. D it is an open area for tourists to enjoy themselves year around

50. D it has created some meaningful artistic works


51. A patients may not able to carry them through for effective cure

52. C their easy and inexpensive access by patients

53. A the combination of traditional CBT and computerized CBT is most effective

54. B their effectiveness should not be overestimated

55. D human interaction





Paper cutting is a unique form of Chinese traditional folk art with a history of more than 2,000 years. Paper cutting probably originated in the Han Dynasty, following the invention of the paper. Since then, it has been spread widely in many parts of China. The materials and tools for paper cutting are simple: paper and scissors. Paper cutting works are usually made of red paper, because red is associated with happiness in traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, in the wedding, the Spring Festival and other festive occasions, red paper cutting is the first choice of door and window decoration.




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